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For every rose there is a thorn that I adore.
Down to the core I'm rotting heavy, my soul is scorched.
Up and down unexpectedly.
Do you even give a shit bout what it meant to me?
For a dollar, catch some kisses and an otter pop.
Dusting wishes that I ought to drop.
For real.
I'm still feeling concealed in the unreal.
When the music stops, I'll be gone still.
Feel it building in my veins, it runs through me.
I find it harder to restrain this energy.
I find it harder to maintain my strategy.
I find it harder to dream so vividly.
Gravity will have it it's way with me.
I'm nearly at the bottom, so quickly.
If driving down the coast could cure me,
I would've never left my city. I'm burning.
Now I'm here and all up in my head.
Like would I rather really be with you instead?
Places. I'm going places.
But when I look around, unfamiliar faces.

But that's me, that's me.
I've been away for so long.
I find it harder every day to stay strong.

But that's me, that's me.
Five more letters.
Help me stay asleep until I'm feeling better.

The more I ask, the more it lasts.
The answers leave me.
Do you believe in me?
Always so damn far.
Getting angry at these feelings is repertoire.
Maybe. Just maybe...
I should stop for a moment cause lately.
The days go by, so hazy.
They paint you next to somebody, but it ain't me.


from Temptation, released July 26, 2015




Teleken Los Angeles, California

Independent musician from Los Angeles, CA. This is my favorite hobby. I love pelicans.

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