by Teleken

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released July 26, 2015

Hey guys....I made this.




Teleken Los Angeles, California

Independent musician from Los Angeles, CA. This is my favorite hobby. I love pelicans.

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Track Name: All The Right Answers
Ten sentences to catch a gnarly ego.
I'm holding on the edge. Won't say you're not so evil.
And if I fall then I'll drop to where I'm coming from.
I'd rather stay here at the top than be the lonely one.
Spinning spinning over questions only I can see.
Sick of listening to lessons that haunt me.
Surely I am the worst.
You got all the right answers.

Paying no attention.
Suck me up, I lost myself in all this tension.
Got a lotta stress. Lately, I'm feeling less.
No time to reconnect, but I drown nonetheless.
Running running through the dome, I am a victim.
Pictures of your face through a triangular prism.
Surely I am the worst.
And you got all the right answers.

Swinging forth and back.
Listening for silence.
Violent oceans erode that.
Cloudy mind, cloudy lines
Clear days, clearer nights.
I might have made it out of heaven's light.
I hear the rhythm beating heavy in my chest, not impressed. Nah.
Never in distress, lets go make messes in Arkansas.
Surely I am the worst.
And holy fuck you got all the right answers.
Track Name: Temptation (feat. Stilo)
Television droning.
I'm all alone on a mission to drown my woes.
Conversations with temptation on the telephone.
I'm feeling monochrome.
I hate to say, but face it nigga I'm underrated.
Always racing but never chasing.
I'm losing my fucking patience with some of yall.
Never really had much anyway.
I sense a lot of doubt in the airway.
Never really there 'cause I'm dead and I'm wrong,
but I got a lotta friends like I'm Myspace Tom.

Slowly growing. Blowing through these years. I'm coasting.
Never posted. Nah.
Always in motion. I gotta go again and again and again.
Got a mind to make. I got time at stake.
But I'm clearly jaded. I'm clearly dazed.
I wanna set the world ablaze.


Never posted. Nah.
Always in motion. I gotta go again and again and again.
Got a mind to make. I got time at stake.
But I'm clearly jaded. I'm clearly dazed.
I wanna set the world ablaze.

Cannot, can't rewind.
It's getting harder to find a breath of fresh air.
I'm prepped for death's stare.
Undressing it, I'm blessed and lit.
Every since I left home, arrogant.
Some days feeling softer than a pair of tits.
Angry every second I cared and shit.
I drove a thousand miles.
Wrapped up in luck, please stay a while.
Never expected to seize the intention of being here.
So be clear.
Trophy wife. Lonely road. Only night.
Now the luck is gone and I'm all alone. Shit.

Temptation, temptation is her name but I ain't hating bruh.
She's dangerous like angel dust.
She's hazardous to my health.
So glamorous without wealth.
An adventure I just can't spell.
And if I kiss her, bruh, I can't tell.

8 bars.
1 spark.
Hittin the flow like a land shark.
Hustle and flow for every yard.
Im watching what they dealing me, every card.
Disregard i know this is hard to comprehend,
When im going in, like a virgin...
They screaming out without a doubt its my name.
But i wont be be blamed for the mistakes you make,
Or the heartache and heartbreak
I know its hard intake.
Like an earthquake your hand shakes.
With a handshake I say goodbye and still now you wonder why,
Im cutting these ties like samurai.
Maybe it'd be best if I clarify.
Track Name: Viral.gif
For every rose there is a thorn that I adore.
Down to the core I'm rotting heavy, my soul is scorched.
Up and down unexpectedly.
Do you even give a shit bout what it meant to me?
For a dollar, catch some kisses and an otter pop.
Dusting wishes that I ought to drop.
For real.
I'm still feeling concealed in the unreal.
When the music stops, I'll be gone still.
Feel it building in my veins, it runs through me.
I find it harder to restrain this energy.
I find it harder to maintain my strategy.
I find it harder to dream so vividly.
Gravity will have it it's way with me.
I'm nearly at the bottom, so quickly.
If driving down the coast could cure me,
I would've never left my city. I'm burning.
Now I'm here and all up in my head.
Like would I rather really be with you instead?
Places. I'm going places.
But when I look around, unfamiliar faces.

But that's me, that's me.
I've been away for so long.
I find it harder every day to stay strong.

But that's me, that's me.
Five more letters.
Help me stay asleep until I'm feeling better.

The more I ask, the more it lasts.
The answers leave me.
Do you believe in me?
Always so damn far.
Getting angry at these feelings is repertoire.
Maybe. Just maybe...
I should stop for a moment cause lately.
The days go by, so hazy.
They paint you next to somebody, but it ain't me.